Types of athletics

Let’s look at what sports are included in athletics. Race walking is an athletics discipline that differs from running in that the athlete must have constant foot contact with the ground. Race walking competitions are held on the track (10,000 m, 20,000 m, 30,000 m, 50,000 m) or highway (20,000 m and 50,000 m).
race walking
Running is one of the oldest sports for which official competition rules were approved, having been included in the program since the very first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Running in athletics is represented by the following types: sprint, middle-distance running, long-distance running, hurdling, relay race.

Types of running in athletics:

  • Short distance running (100 m, 200 m, 400 m), non-standard distances include 30 m, 60 m, 300 m.
  • Middle distance running (800 m, 1500 m, 3000 m), additionally 600, 1000, 1610 m (mile), 2000 m.
  • Long distance running (5000 m, 10000 m, 42195 m).
  • Obstacle course (steeplechase) 2000 m in the arena and 3000 m in the open stadium.
  • Hurdling (women – 100 m, men – 110 m, 400 m).
  • Relay race (4×100 meters, 4×400 meters).


  • Jumps are divided into vertical (high jump and pole vault) and horizontal (long jump and triple jump).
  • The high jump is a discipline of athletics, which refers to vertical jumps of technical types. The jump consists of a run-up, preparation for take-off, take-off, crossing the bar and landing.
  • Pole vault is a technical discipline that refers to vertical jumps. In this jump, the athlete needs to go over the bar (without knocking it over) using an athletics pole.
  • Long jump refers to horizontal jumps and requires sprinting qualities and jumping ability from athletes.
    A triple jump consists of a run-up, three alternating jumps and a landing.
    pole vaulting
  • Throwing is an exercise for athletes that requires “explosive” muscular effort. The goal in this event is to move the projectile to the maximum distance from the athlete.

Types of throwing in athletics:

– Throwing a grenade or ball, grenade weight – 700 g for men, women and middle-aged boys throw a grenade weighing 500 g. Balls have a weight of 155-160 g.
– Shot put, the male shot weighs 7.260 kg, and the female one weighs 4 kg.
– Hammer throw, the male hammer weighs 7.260 kg and the female hammer 4 kg.
– Discus throw, men’s disc weighs 2 kg, women’s – 1 kg.
– Javelin-throwing. The male spear weighs 800 g and has a length of 260-270 cm, the female spear, respectively, 600 g and 220-230 cm.

Discus throw

All-around is a sports discipline that includes competitions in several disciplines of the same or different sports.
To date, the program of the Olympic Games includes 24 events for men and 23 events for women.
Athletes compete in:
– running 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 5000 and 10,000 meters,
– marathon run (42.195 km),
– 110 m hurdles (for women 100 m),
– 400 m run,
– steeplechase – 3000 m hurdles run,
– race walking for 20 and 50 km (men only),
– high jump
– pole vault,
– long jump
– triple jump
– shot put,
– discus throwing
– hammer throw
– all-around javelin throwing – decathlon for men and heptathlon – for women,
– relay races 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 meters.

Cyclic types of athletics include: walking, sprinting, running for medium and long distances. The technical types of athletics include: throwing, vertical and horizontal jumps.