Competencias in football

The stage of sports improvement begins when a football player acquires a strong skill of necessary technical training, when motor activity does not interfere with the performance of technical elements. We purely conditionally limited it to 17-18 years, but in fact it is unlimited, because with the growth of physical capabilities, new requirements for technical training appear. A distinctive feature of this stage is that most of the training time is devoted to the development of special physical qualities. Young talents should be distinguished by a high level of special fitness, and then raise the level of physical fitness. If at the stage of training work (15 – 16 years) training and consolidation of all technical potential was the main task, then at the stage of improvement it is necessary to maintain the achieved level at the functional level.

Unlike the previous stages, it is not individual elements with their sequence that are trained and improved, but the entire sequence as a whole. And the volumes of specific loads are gradually increasing to 80 – 85%. In this regard, the accounting system should contain specific indicators that take into account the effectiveness of work, that is, the training process is filled with numerical values. The fundamental difference between the content of the cycles is that the idea of ​​physical activity changes significantly both quantitatively and physiologically. Without a clear idea of ​​the differences between individual periods, or cycles, it is impossible to present the entire annual process of preparation in a sufficiently holistic form.

But first, let’s consider the range of tasks of this stage, since it is the most responsible, it excludes the possibility of a formal approach. We have all witnessed how many promising footballers, precisely because of unskilled work, could not open up creatively. Passing to junior age, the player should not stop growing, he must not only physically master the game, but also comprehend everything that has been gained and practiced. Otherwise, we will continue to continue with mid-level players, which we already have in abundance.

Let us specifically consider the tasks of the stage in technical, physical and tactical terms, noting for ourselves that at the age of 17-18 years, with many years of preparation, the prospects of a future football player are determined with sufficient accuracy. But first, let’s note the general tasks of the stage of sports improvement, and then consider all types of training and their relationship with each other. Tasks of the stage of sports improvement:

1. Improving technical training.

2. Increasing special endurance.

3. Improvement of technical and tactical training.

4. Implementation of the achieved readiness in competitions.

In technical terms. The improvement of technology is a continuous process, from one year cycle to another, the level of physical fitness increases, which makes it necessary to bring the level of technical training in line with it. Here, for complete clarity of the issue, we recall that at the stage of in-depth training (15-16 years old), we achieved the strengthening and stabilization of skills against the background of fatigue, that is, technical training took place at a higher physical level, which was achieved when learning the game and with the help of physical training exercises. and SFP.

The next stage is characterized by ever-increasing specialization and increasing loads, and technical training exercises have a certain functional meaning. That is, by several repetitions of the same exercise, we provide a level close to the game environment.

On the technological map, we mark the number of repetitions, the amount of work done and options for execution. Performing technical exercises requires a fairly large effort of will, but with the obligatory preservation of a special quality of a football player – the feeling of the ball. The player must overcome physical difficulties with the ball in difficult conditions of the training task. An integrated approach, in which technical training should be developed simultaneously with physical qualities (speed, strength, endurance, etc.), is an obvious way to improve. Physically. The methodological features of this stage are such that if the coach concentrates a large amount of loads in weekly cycles, then the quality of the technical preparedness of the students will decrease. It has been proven that there is no correlation between functional capabilities and technical skills, this is a very important point, indicating the mandatory relationship of all process parameters. For the sake of clarity, let us give an example from the development of speed. During the period of special work on speed and its increase, the speed of handling the ball, as well as the speed of the game, will not increase. And the same dependence is seen in other mutually exclusive qualities.

Preparation should be carried out in such a way that the improvement of basic physical qualities and football proceeds simultaneously.